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Meet Dr. SLobodian

Dr. Slobodian’s emphasis on patient well-being demonstrates his dedication to providing a caring and supportive experience. 

By genuinely listening to patients, addressing their concerns, and involving them in treatment decisions, he creates a trusting and comfortable environment that fosters long-term relationships.

Meet Dr. SLobodian

2007-2012 Lviv National Medical University (Lviv, Ukraine)
2012-2014 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Residency (Lviv, Ukraine)
2018-2019 Advanced Education in Orofacial Pain (Rutgers, NJ, USA)
2019-2020 Masters in Orofacial Pain (Rutgers, NJ, USA)
2020-2022 DDS program SUNY at Buffalo School of Dental Medicinine (Buffalo, NY, USA)
2022- NOW Licensed General Dentist in state of NJ and FL
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Dr Slobodian is always developing his skills in the surgical dental procedures. His area of expertise is covering majority of dental surgical procedures such as tooth extraction, bone grafting, apicoectomy, alveoloplasty, dental implants, full arch dental implant rehabilitation.

2022- NOW Association of Osseointegration
2022- NOW NJ Dental Asocciation
2022- NOW American Dental Association